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Impacts of Graphic Design Development on Teaching Graphic Design

Impacts of Graphic Design Development on Teaching Graphic Design

I do not believe the Arabic library contains enough books that deal with Graphic Design. This could make it possible for the Arabic universities to have specialized art academy programs. It could also be used as a special curriculum in these academies’ teaching plans. The Arabic library contains some other art methodological books, along with some translated books that discuss basic design concepts, advertising, and other topics within the context of advertisement.

Graphic Design is only a small part of the vast concept. Advertising and publicity do not adequately reflect this concept. This is because the Arab World was unaware of the existence of Graphic Design before the arrival of computers.

This specialization was first taught. The academic staff responsible for determining the study plans was dependent on them. Some thought they were far removed from the roots of this specialization while others felt that anyone with an architecture or art specialization could play the planner role. We were shocked to see how imbalanced and insufficient the plans were at many Arabic universities. Half were Fine Arts, and the rest dealt with Graphic Design. But we were able to identify their identity after looking through the entire list.

Graphic Design must be taught in a way that promotes creativity. The methods and demonstration methods should be focused on skill and the correlation with skill. Students of this specialization can also benefit from related knowledge like Graphic Design history and theories.

It is essential to consider the needs and expectations of Graphic Design students.

Students in their first level need to be taught about Graphic Design history, skills and principles, as well as how to use the computer to create advertisement campaigns.

High-level students should be exposed to approaches that can help them to develop their technical and intellectual abilities as well to develop their innovation status by undertaking a series integral projects, presenting their work in full and together. These strategies should give students enough opportunities to apply for positions in a range of specialties under Graphic Design. This will not happen if there aren’t enough labs and studios equipped to fulfill the roles required. Graphic Design syllabus relies on both the theoretical and practical principles of graphic design in its implementation. The syllabus mentally prepares the student to handle the changes and techniques of time and empowers him to deal.

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